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Academy of Vape

Savour those me-time moments, with Academy of Vape’s soothing, revitalising and comforting blends. Drawing on citrus, warm sugar, cream and berry notes, these are fresh, enlightened e-liquids for calm, blissful vaping.

The calm before the storm - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Freshen up with a poised blend of pink lemonade frost and citrus fruit

75 VG

The spice of life - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Lose yourself in the woodland notes of sweet tobacco, honey, brown sugar and golden syrup

75 VG

A subtle change - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Feel inner balance with a smooth blend of blueberry, butterscotch, vanilla cream and pomegranate

75 VG

A twist of fate - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Indulge yourself with the soft charms of apple with vanilla, cream and crumble

75 VG

What are short fill e liquids?

Short fill eliquids are a great way to stock up on your favourite flavour. Supplied as 50ml of nicotine free e liquid in a 60ml bottle, you can then add your own nicotine to get the perfect blend.

Guide to achieving different nicotine strengths

You can always keep short fill e liquids nicotine free but if you want to add nicotine then simply add a Nicotine Shot for 3mg overall strength. If you want to achieve higher or lower strengths, check out our nicotine shot calculator.