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Aspire K2 Kit


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  • 1x Aspire K2 Battery
  • 1x K2 Tank
  • 2x 1.8 Ohm Coils
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Manual



Charging the Aspire K2 Starter Kit

Plug the USB end of your charging cable into the charging slot at the end of the K2 battery and plug the other end into a USB charging port.

Once plugged in, the LED will indicate the K2’s charge status. When fully charged, the LED will flash blue and orange 20 times.

Remember to never leave a charging battery unattended and do not charge batteries over night.

Filling the Aspire K2 Clearomiser (Tank)

Holding the device upright, unscrew the clearomiser from the battery. Aim your e liquid bottle into the clearomiser and squeeze in your e liquid, making sure you don’t get e liquid into the central chimney or over-fill the tank.

Once you’ve filled the clearomiser, screw back onto the battery and leave for 5 minutes before vaping.

Replacing the Coil in your Clearomiser

If you start noticing a burnt taste when vaping you will need to change your coil.

To do this, you will need to unscrew the battery from the clearomiser and then unscrew the bottom of the clearomiser to remove the coil. Once the coil has been removed, replace it with a new one and start filling your clearomiser with e liquid again.

Remember, after you have changed the coil, you will need to leave the e liquid for 5 minutes before vaping.