This year’s annual budget has led to smoking tobacco becoming costlier than ever, with consumers having to bear the brunt of the rising prices.

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Taxes on tobacco have this year been raised by 2% above the level of inflation, while the government have stepped back from a levy on tobacco company’s profits, meaning it is purely the consumer who has to stump up the extra money for tobacco.

In the UK last year, the average price for a pack of cigarettes was £7.98, and prices are now expected to rise by at least 20p under the new Budget. The difference between the prices of tobacco now compared to in 1990 is over £6, with the average price back then being just £1.65.

The end result is that smoking tobacco has become highly expensive, with a smoker smoking 20 cigarettes a day shelling out over £3000 a year on their addiction. This is where the e-cigarette has come in, with many people making the switch not only to improve their health but also to save money.

Smokers can potentially save thousands of pounds by making the switch to e-cigarettes – for instance, the OK E-Cigs disposable e-cigarette costs just £3, and is the equivalent of 50 cigarettes, meaning you are spending roughly five times less money. So if you’re tired of shelling out more and more money on tobacco just to get your nicotine hit, why not switch to OK E-Cigs today?

Image: Tela Chhe, available under Creative Commons

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