When it comes to lifestyle choices, many look up to celebrities for inspiration, which can sometimes have positive results. One example of this is the legion of celebrities who have made the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, making a positive switch to a healthier lifestyle and influencing may others to do so too.

Here’s just 5 of the many celebrities who have switched to e-cigs (UK) over the years:

Bruno Mars

After his mother passed away last year of a brain aneurysm, the star upheld his promise to her of giving up smoking by making the switch to electronic cigarettes. He spread the news of his important switch on Twitter, along with the touching caption ‘This is for you mom’.

Bruno Mars famous celeb vaper of e cigs UK OK E-Cigs

Katy Perry

Pictured out and about with her friends, with a beer in one hand and an e-cigarette in the other, Katy appears to be comfortable with the switch she has made to e-cigarettes. Unlike many other celebrities, she has chosen to go for a second generation e-cigarette rather than a cigalike, which can be refilled with various different flavours of e-liquid.

Katy Perry famous celeb vaper of e cigs UK OK E-Cigs

Zac Efron

The former High School Musical star was also pictured using an e-cigarette, while driving around LA with his friends. After a couple of stints in rehab, it appears that Zac is continuing to take positive steps for his health after switching to a refillable cigarette.

Zac Efron famous celeb vaper of e cigs UK OK E-Cigs

Ronnie Wood

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood shows that you can still enjoy a rock and roll lifestyle without smoking cigarettes – he has recently been spotted using an e-cigarette to satisfy his lifelong habits instead.

Ronnie Wood famous celeb vaper of e cigs UK OK E-Cigs

Alexa Chung

Most people know that cigarettes can have detrimental effects on your looks, including your nails, skin and teeth. These are especially important to presenter and model Alexa Chung, so we think her switch to e-cigarettes is an incredibly wise one!

Alexa Chung famous celeb vaper of e cigs UK OK E-Cigs

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