Kylie Jenner has recently been spotted puffing on her e cigarette and blowing vape rings, which got us thinking… How do you make these rings for yourself?

A man blowing vape rings using an e cigarette

Take a look at our how to guide below, which will get you blowing those rings in no time:

1.    Take a Long Drag

The first step is to take a long drag on your e cigarette, to try and get as much vapour into your mouth as possible. The key here is to get the vapour into your throat, rather than taking it back into your lungs, and the more you can store, the thicker and better your rings will look.

2.    Shape Your Mouth

It is important to get your mouth in the right shape. To do this, keep your tongue flat on the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat.

3.    Position Your Lips

Make your lips into a small “O” shape, and purse your lips as if you were going to say the word “boo”.

4.    Pushing the Vapour

Now comes the time to make the ring! Push a small amount of vapour out of your mouth, by using your throat. This is often the stumbling block for many people, but practice makes perfect! In order to do this, it is like you having a mini cough, or you make a noise that vaguely resembles choking!

5.    Projecting the Ring

In order to get some speed and distance on your vape ring, you need to push them out using a small jutting action of your jaw. You push the vapour out of your mouth by pushing your just slightly upwards and forwards.

Now you are good to go! If you need any supplies in order to practice blowing vape rings, head over to our website and stock up today.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Vargas on Flickr, under Creative Commons

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