E-cigarettes are now more popular than nicotine replacements such as gum and patches by a significant margin, demonstrating just how well they have been received by the public as well as how effective they have been perceived as by their users.They are currently slowing the $2.4 billion global market for nicotine patches and gum, with a reversal in popularity having taken place in the space of just a few years. In 2011, just 5% used e-cigarettes, while 30% of the smoking cessation market was taken up by gum and patches – now, sales of gums and patches are outnumbered by e-cigarettes two to one. A study by University College London, which surveyed 1800 people, also found that over a third of those trying to quit smoking now use e-cigarettes, demonstrating their popularity amongst the smoking community as a potential smoking cessation method.

The recorded low rates success rates of nicotine gums and patches, as well as the low cost of e-cigarettes in comparison, are also both factors in the dwindling popularity of nicotine replacement treatments and show that, at least for now, e-cigarettes are here to stay.

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