One of Britain’s leading surgeons has suggested that former monarch and father of the Queen, George VI, should be the face of anti-smoking when plain packaging for cigarettes is introduced in May 2016.

George VI suggested face of giving up cigarettes and smoking

Professor Harold Ellis, who was giving a speech at the Royal College of Surgeons, said that the King’s fate, death at the age of just 56 in 1952 due to coronary thrombosis caused by excessive smoking, would send an important message out to those still considering smoking, and the extreme consequences that smokers can face if they smoke heavily. Before his death, George VI also faced a number of other serious ailments caused by heavy smoking, namely severe vascular disease in his legs and carcinoma of the lung.

From May 2016, there will be a huge change in the legislation surrounding smoking, with plain packaging being introduced for all tobacco products displayed for sale in shops, featuring just the bran+d name and graphic anti-smoking warnings.

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Image: Matson Photo Service, United States Library of Congress, available under Creative Commons

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