The humble ecig could soon be not just a recreational device for vapers, but also a way to find love, with the world’s first ‘speed-vaping’ event taking place in London later this week.

Smoke heart for first speed-vaping ecig event in London OK E-Cigs

It aims to follow in the vein of speed dating, with attendees still following the tried-and-tested formula of rotating and having a short conversation with a number of partners across the night. The twist will be that instead of moving between tables, guests will switch between various different vaping booths, with each having a different flavoured ecig, such as tobacco, menthol or cherry.

They will then answer questions based around the different flavours, revealing different parts of their personality, with the goal being that people bond over the shared experience.

If the night is a success, it could lead to similar ‘speed-vaping’ events spreading across the country, giving vapers a new way to meet other people and find love, and providing a different twist on the typical evening of speed dating. This first event is set to take place in the Hoxton Hotel on the 24th February.

What do you think of this brand new idea for a dating event? Do you think the ecig is a good way to bond with people?

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