When it comes to the implementation of anti-smoking laws, Guernsey has been highlighted as a leader in the UK, introducing many related laws years before the rest of the UK.

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Hazel Cheeseman, spokesman of ASH, celebrated the island’s tradition of introducing many policies before the rest of the UK, and encouraged it to continue in its anti-smoking movement, as Guernsey faced calls to impose smoke-free zones on parts of the island; the first consideration of its kind in the UK.

Like the rest of the UK, Guernsey last week agreed to investigate the introduction of plain packaging on cigarettes, which has also been encouraged by ASH in order to reduce the number of smokers and to reduce smoking-related illness.

Guernsey’s history of being the first place in the UK to introduce anti-smoking laws can be traced back to 2006, when it introduced a smoking ban in enclosed public places a year before the rest of the UK. They also outlawed smoking in prisons at the beginning of 2013.

It will be interesting to see any further developments in Guernsey’s stance towards smoking and whether the UK will follow suit, as well as to how e-cigarettes will fit into this equation as they become more prominent in society, regarded by many as an alternative to smoking and a way to cut down. Visit our online e cigs shop to find out more about and purchase e-cigarettes.

Image: Brittany Perry, available under Creative Commons

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