Party leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is the latest of a number of high-profile figures to reveal that he has made the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones.

He spoke about his decision recently during an interview on LBC Radio, saying that as a result of the switch, which he started a month and a half ago, he now feels ‘as fit as a fiddle’. Blueberry is his flavour of choice, saying that he uses e-cigarettes to help him unwind in the evenings. He also said he believed that e-cigarettes were better for you than tobacco cigarettes, fuelling the already strong debate as to the virtues of e-cigarettes.

He has tried several times to quit smoking, including an attempt at going cold turkey in 2011, though these have all been unsuccessful. For the minute, e-cigarettes seem to be working well for Clegg, and could very well help him to give up nicotine altogether eventually.

With such a senior and influential figure now advertising the virtues of e-cigarettes, it could very well now pave the way for the government and the NHS being more supportive of the e-cigarette movement, in relation to healthcare in particular.

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Image: Belfast Telegraph

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