Three prisons in the UK are currently taking part in a pilot scheme, trialling the success of e-cigarettes as a substitute to regular cigarettes in prisons.

They are currently being sold in the women’s prison Easton Park, Gloucestershire, as well as the men’s prisons of Preston in Lancashire and Stocken prison in Rutland, in the hopes that they will be adopted as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes.

The move follows a statement released last year by the prison service, which said that they are committed to banning cigarettes in England and Wales completely, following a campaign by the Prison Officers’ Association (the POA), which has been ongoing since 2007. The POA has voiced concerns over the harmful effects of the second-hand smoke dispersed by regular cigarettes on prison staff, visitors and other prisoners, and has hopes that electronic cigarettes can at least help to eliminate this problem.

The success of the current trial is still being assessed; if it is successful, however, it will be a healthier alternative while will reduce the negative effects on the health of everyone who works in, lives in, or visits a prison, and will send out a positive message of e-cigarettes helping to eliminate harmful second-hand smoke.

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