From October 1st it will no longer be legal to smoke in privately owned cars with any person aged 18 or younger present. Anyone who disregards this law will be fined £50. It is the duty of the driver to ensure the law is followed, or the driver and the smoker could individually be fined £50 each.

No smoking sign - smoking ban in cars

When a child breathes in second hand smoke, they are subject to thousands of chemicals that could put them at risk of developing life changing conditions. Every year, more than 430,000 children have to breathe second hand smoke whilst in the family car, as they cannot avoid the toxic fumes.

Even with an open window, chemicals can linger in the air for up to 4 hours after the cigarette has been put out; particularly in the confined space of a car.

This new law is coinciding with the current smoke-free regulations aiming to cut down the amount of smokers and improve the health of the population. It is hoped that this enforcement is a success, and will change behaviours and attitude towards smoking.

Public Health England declared e cigarettes to be 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes and recommend them as an alternative to smoking. However, it is still recommended that you do not expose children to second hand e cigarette vapour.

Image: Aiga under Creative Commons

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