Today, Wednesday 11th March sees the annual health awareness day No Smoking Day taking place across the UK, promoting the benefits of giving up cigarettes and offering help to those who wish to give up.

No Smoking Day 11th March 2015 switch to best electronic cigarette OK E-Cigs

The event has taken place every year since 1984, seeking to provide help and advice to the 70% of the ten million smokers in the UK who have expressed an intention to quit or cut down.

There are many ways to aid in cutting down on smoking, including exercise, keeping yourself occupied, avoiding coffee and alcohol and focusing on the reasons for the lifestyle change. However, many may suffer from withdrawal symptoms that come with the reduced intake of nicotine, and this is where switching to e-cigarettes may help.

E-cigarettes contain nowhere near as many harmful chemicals as cigarettes, can save you money and still offer that same nicotine hit that smokers seek from their regular cigarettes, with different levels of nicotine available in the refill cartridges, allowing you to gradually reduce the intake in nicotine over a longer period of time.

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