A brand new craze has taken over the world of the electronic cig – people competing from all over the world to vape the largest and densest clouds, known as cloud chasing.
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It has been considered by some a sport, with special vaping techniques involved as well as the competitive element. Below is a video taking at New York City’s Henley Vaporium, showing a number of professional vapers taking part in a cloud competition:

Dubbed by Mashable as ‘the X Games of Vaping’, the video shows the vapers trying to create the largest clouds with either vegetable glycerol or liquid nicotine. The devices used by the competitors are leagues different from your regular e-cigarette however, and are highly modified to produce the largest possible clouds, with their construction often forming part of the competition.

The trend is one that initially took off in the USA, much like the use of e-cigarettes themselves – now, however, there are global competitions, such as California’s International Cloud Championship, allowing people from all over the world to take part in the activity.

It should be noted that these devices are highly regulated, however, and that we do not endorse the modification of any of our products for cloud chasing purposes. Instead, enjoy the video!

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