Vaptio C-Flat Pod Mod Kit Instructions

Pod Vape Kit

Vaptio C-Flat Pod Mod Vape Kit

Sleek, compact pod vape kit by Vaptio

  • 1x Mod (350mah) – available in Black, Red or Gold
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 2x Refillable pods
  • 1x Charging cable


Introduction to the C-Flat Pod Mod Kit

The C-Flat pod mod vape system by Vaptio in an all-in-one style vape kit with a replaceable ‘pod’ or cartridge which consists of a coil and a 1.5ml tank. Many ‘pod’ style vape kits on the market limit you to pre-filled, one-use cartridges. The C-Flat however can be filled with any e liquid, giving you the freedom to vape your favourite e liquids (which we’re sure will be from the OK Sub Ohm range!)

C-Flat pod mod diagram

(Click image to enlarge)

‘Pod Mods’ are a fairly new breed of e cigarette that move away from the traditional cigalike or pen vape design. The C-Flat in particular has a striking, ergonomic design that’s satisfying to hold but small enough to be convenient and not overly conspicuous.

The 350mAh battery should give around 2-4 hours use and the nifty pods which contain the 1 ohm coil and tank can last from 4 days upwards, depending on the e liquid used and vaping style.

If you’ve already bought the C-Flat pod vape kit or would like to find out how it works before you buy one, read on for the full instructions.

Kit Contents

C-Flat Pod vape kit contents

Vaptio C-Flat Pod Mod Instructions

Charging the Battery 

Plug the USB charger into a computer or suitable mains adapter. Remember to never leave a charging batty unattended and remove from the power supply once fully charged. Please read our Battery Safety Information.

Filling the pod with E Liquid

1. Remove the drip tip by pulling it away from the mod (battery)

2. Remove the silicone tab next to the chimney (see image below)

3. Squeeze your e liquid into the hole, being careful not to over-fill the tank

4. Replace the silicone cap

5. If you are using a new pod (and therefore a new coil), make sure you leave it to sit for a few minutes before vaping, to allow the e liquid to saturate the coil – known as ‘priming’ the coil

Replacing the Pods

As the C-Flat is a ‘pod’ style vape system, the tank and coil are integrated. When your coil needs replacing, remove the drip tip and pull the pod to release it from the battery. You can then discard the whole pod and replace with a fresh one.

Remember to prime the coil when using a new pod!

Visual instructions for filling hte C-flat pod mod with e liquid

C-Flat Pod Mod Kit + 2 E-Liquids

C-Flat Pod Mod Image - Red Black Gold


C-Flat Pods (Pack of 2)

C-Flat pods for the Vaptio C-Flat Pod Mod Kit


c-flat pod mods in all colours on black background
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