Quit Smoking at Any Age & Live Longer

A review of over 25 studies carried out in Europe and the USA has proven that quitting smoking at any age can help you to live a longer life, even after the age of 60.

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The study’s main findings show that the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, including stroke and other heart diseases, can decrease significantly for people over the age of 60, after just a few years of giving up smoking.

Research by the German Cancer Research Center, which looked at data from over 500,000 people, showed that smokers are twice as likely to die from cardiovascular disease as non-smokers, while in comparison, former smokers were on average 1.37 times more likely than non-smokers to die from cardiovascular disease. Former smokers therefore faced a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease, though the actual amount of risk depended on how many cigarettes they had smoked during their time as a smoker.

The amount of time that smokers had given up was also a factor, with over 60s becoming less at risk the longer that they stayed away from cigarettes. It was estimated that non-smokers live an estimated 5 ½ years longer than smokers, while the gap is slightly reduced for former smokers, with non-smokers living just over 2 years longer.

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Image: Qfamily, available under Creative Commons

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