E-Cigarettes Appeal to Smokers Wanting to Quit

In the United States, a federal study looking into e-cigarette use among adults has stated that e-cigs appeal to existing and previous tobacco smokers who are aiming to end their ties with their cigarette habit.

Surgeon General’s Warning on cigarettes in America use e-cigs instead

Almost Twice as Likely to Use an Electronic Device

Existing cigarette smokers who tried to kick the habit in the past 12 months were almost twice as likely to use an electronic device when compared to smokers who didn’t try to kick the habit, a study of almost 36,000 adults by the National Centre for Health Statistics reveals.

The study found that the high rate of use amongst smokers is rather significant, and that they are trying e-cigarettes to help kick their habit, a claim which has been around for years but, up until now, did not have reliable quantitative government data to back up the notion.

There’s certainly no denying that e-cigarettes are continuing to make notable strides at a time when tobacco companies are waning due to anti-smoking campaigns and lawsuits claiming their products are harmful.

U.S. health authorities are yet to endorse e-cigarettes as a cessation tool. However, we know that here in the U.K. health authorities have said the devices are less harmful than traditional cigarettes and can be used as an effective tool to help smokers quit, as part of a report published in August this year.

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