Smoking in Cars To be Banned From October

A new law, which will come into force on October 1st, will prevent smokers from smoking cigarettes in their cars if there is also an under-18 in the car with them.

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The new law, which currently covers only England, though Wales and Scotland are also considering a full ban on smoking in cars, will seek to protect children and reduce the risks of second hand smoke to their health. Those who are caught smoking or those who fail to prevent someone from smoking in a car with under-18s also present will be charged a £50 fine.

MPs voted in favour of the motion just this month, with 342 votes outnumbering the opposing 74. Figures from organisations such as the British Lung Foundation have shown that over half a million children are currently exposed to second hand smoke in the car, which contains dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide.

Currently, e-cigarettes are not banned, as they do not contain or emit the same harmful and dangerous chemicals that regular cigarettes do, meaning that they are safer to use around children in a confined space such as the car, while also bringing you the same nicotine fix and satisfaction from using them as regular cigarettes.

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Image: BecomeAnEX

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