Tobacco Product Displays Now Banned

As of yesterday, smaller stores and institutions now face a total ban on product displays for tobacco cigarettes and associated products, with the government claiming yet another win in the fight for the public’s health.

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Displays of tobacco cigarettes have been illegal in larger stores such as supermarkets since April 2012, and now the action has spread to all other vendors, including convenience stores, newsagents, hotels, nightclubs and pubs, meaning that the products will now have to be stored in cabinets shielded by sliding doors.

Health charities such as the British Heart Foundation have welcomed the news, saying that the move will help greatly to reduce the exposure of tobacco to children and young people, and perhaps also contribute to current smokers cutting down on or giving up cigarettes.

The government have also planned the next legislative step in their anti-smoking measures, which will make all cigarette packaging conform to a plainly-labelled standard, set to be implemented in May 2016.

With more joining the fight to give up smoking, measures such as switching to e-cigarettes are now becoming popular alternatives. Both disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette products are available online, away from the eyes of easily-influenced children, with e-cigarettes carrying fewer health risks in comparison to standard tobacco cigarettes.

Image: JDB Shop Fitters

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