E-Cigarette Battery Safety

E-Cig Battery Safety Guide

The media has latched on to a few scare-stories recently regarding exploding e cigarette batteries. In the majority of cases, it has either been shown that the incorrect chargers were used, the products were not genuine or the batteries were not cared for or stored correctly. We want to ensure that our customers use our products safely and therefore we ask that you read the following safety guide for your e cigarette batteries.

As with any batteries or battery powered device, e cigarettes are only dangerous when not used, stored or maintained correctly.

Li-Ion Battery Safety

We will not be liable for any damage caused by improper use, handling or storage. Always adhere to the following strict battery safety guidelines.

  • Never carry loose batteries in pockets or bags. Contact with coins, other batteries and other conductive items can cause batteries to short.
  • Never leave a charging battery unattended
  • Only charge batteries with the provided chargers or cables
  • Always use the correct charging current
  • Do not overcharge batteries
  • Never store batteries in extreme temperatures and keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not use a battery that shows any signs of damage or has come into contact with liquids

Only Use Charging Equipment Designed for Your Battery

OK E Cigarette USB charger

Most of the e cigarette incidents that have been reported in the news have occurred due to using the wrong charging equipment. You may find that chargers from other suppliers fit the attachment on your battery, but you should never use anything other than the one supplied with your e cigarette. If you have two different batteries with similar looking chargers, it is best to label them so that you know which is which.

A Note on Mains Adaptors

Although you can easily pick up mains adaptors for USB devices, you should only use adapters with a 1 amp power output. Most mains USB adapters manufactured for use with phones or tablets are too powerful for charging e cigarette or vape batteries and charging with these could cause them to overheat. You can purchase one of our 1 amp USB mains charging adapters for just £8 from the online shop. These have been manufactured especially for use with our products and are quality and safety checked.

Never Leave a Charging Battery Unattended

As with any type of rechargeable battery, you should never leave them unattended when charging. This isn’t to say you need to watch it the whole time it is on charge, but we recommend regularly checking it to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening (e.g. hissing or overheating). If anything unusual does happen whilst charging, immediately remove the battery from the power source (be careful in case it’s hot) and dispose of it safely.

Batteries are classed as hazardous waste so if you have a battery that has had it’s day and no longer holds it’s charge, make sure you dispose of it responsibly. Many recycling centres take batteries and you can check for your nearest one here.

Do No Overcharge Your Batteries

Over-charging your batteries is not only unsafe but it can also damage them. Make sure that you don’t leave them plugged in for a long time once they are fully charged. Never Charge Your Batteries Overnight

Turn Off Your Battery When Not In Use

how to lock an ego battery for e cig battery safety

Please note that this only applies to manual e cigarette batteries. As OK Cigalike E Cigarettes are manually activated (as in you have to inhale to activate the battery) they don’t require an on/off function.

Your vape pen and sub ohm batteries/mods can be turned off/locked by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession. Repeat this to unlock the battery. Turning your battery off will avoid the button being accidentally pressed when not in use and is a great e cig battery safety feature.

Avoid Temperature and Light Extremes

It’s best not to leave your e cigarette in the car for an extended time on a hot day and don’t leave it in direct sunlight as over-heating could damage the battery.

Never Use a Battery That Appears Damaged or Has Been In Contact With E-Liquids

Follow these instructions on e cig battery safety and you’ll also ensure that you get the best out of your batteries. You can also read our guide on How to Look After E Cigarette Batteries for more information on keeping your batteries in top condition.

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