What Are Short Fill E-Liquids?

Short fill e liquids are VG-based vape juices with zero nicotine content that are supplied in a larger bottle filled to around 80%. This allows you to either vape without nicotine, or to add 'nicotine shots' to the e liquid to reach the desired strength.

E cigarette regulations limit nicotine-containing e-liquid bottles to 10ml so short fills with nicotine shots added are a great compromise. Being able to just carry around one larger bottle to top up your tank throughout the day is ideal. Especially considering that sub ohm tanks tend to drink up your juice pretty quickly! What's more, you can customise the nicotine strength to suit you.

How to Use Short Fill E Liquids

1.     Remove the tamper-proof lid from your e liquid bottle

2.    Remove the drip cap from the bottle.

3.    Pour in your nicotine shot

4.    Replace the drip cap and lid and shake the bottle vigorously

5.    Fill up your vape tank and you're good to go!

Adding Nicotine Shots

You can keep your short fill nicotine free if you prefer, or add flavourless nicotine shots as shown above, to get your desired strength.

There's a little maths involved in working out how much nicotine to add to get the overall strength you require. Check out our handy Nicotine Shot Calculator to work out how much to add to your short fill liquids.

Our range of 50ml short fill e liquids are supplied in a 60ml bottle. Therefore, adding one 10ml nicotine shot at 18mg strength will give you 60ml of 3mg strength liquid.

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