First and Second Generation E-Cigarettes

On our website we stock two different models of rechargeable e-cigarettes, often referred to as first and second generation e-cigarettes. If you’re not sure which is the best e-cigarette to go for, read to find out the differences between the two and decide which is best for you:

First Generation E-Cigarettes

Also sometimes known as cigalikes, you may have seen these kinds of e-cigarettes before in convenience stores and supermarkets. First generation e-cigarettes are thin and cylindrical in shape, measuring around 10cm long when assembled. They can come in many different colours, though many are white and orange, mimicking the look of a regular cigarette.

First generation OK e-cigarettes turn on by themselves, switching themselves on and heating up the liquid once you start drawing on them. They are composed of a battery, which can be recharged over and over, and a cartomiser, which contains the heating element and filler material that soaks up the liquid inside. You’ll also need to buy refill cartridges every so often once you can no longer draw vapour from the e-cigarette – these are available in several flavours and strengths, such as tobacco, menthol and cherry.

As the batteries are smaller in first generation cigarettes, they tend not to last as long and are perhaps better suited to those who were initially lighter smokers. Due their smaller size, however, they are more portable than their second generation counterparts.

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Second Generation E-Cigarettes

A more specialist kind of e-cigarette, second-generation e-cigarettes more resemble a pen than a regular cigarette, measuring around 15cm long when assembled.

These e-cigarettes are activated by an on button, which is held down for the duration of the draw. When the e-liquid inside the e-cigarette is heated up, it creates a vapour which much resembles smoke, but is more like a fog.

Second generation e-cigarettes are composed of a battery and a clearomiser, which stores e-liquid, which is available to buy as refills in bottles. These are both larger in capacity and therefore longer lasting than in first generation cigarettes, making these better for heavy smokers switching to e-cigarettes. The battery can be easily recharged via the USB port.

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