Barack Obama and 8 Celebrity Ex-Smokers

With the news that pop mogul Simon Cowell has drastically reduced the number of cigarettes he smokes for the sake of his new son Eric, we have compiled a number of high profile celebrities who took the plunge and managed to kick the habit altogether. Mr Cowell, if you are reading this, the team here at OK E-Cig have a wonderful range of e-cigarette (UK based) products that would help you stop your tobacco habit for good!

The start of a bucket list, sure to include Glamping with Quality Unearthed

While we are all aware of the risks associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, there are still many, many people who still light up daily. Electronic cigarettes are a great way to seek an end to the health risks that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are a number of celebs who struggled to quit without the use of e-cig technology, but we can’t help thinking how much easier it would have been for them if they had opted to purchase one of our products!

There’s no denying how much influence celebrities have over the general public, so when we see people like those in the following list removing the habit from their lives, you know that you can too, but can you ever imagine seeing some of these people with a cigarette in hand?

Barack Obama

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, went through a tough battle as he struggled with giving up cigarettes, but he finally managed to quit, after he said: “I’m scared of my wife!”

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston, quit smoking three years ago in 2012. Aniston said that she put on a few pounds after giving up cigarettes, which can happen quite regularly among those who are stopping smoking. However, if you need proof that this is just a phase Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen was habitually seen with a cigarette in hand in the past, but the world-renowned model hasn’t been seen smoking since the mid-2000s.

Charlize Theron

Four years ago in 2011, actress Charlize Theron quit smoking. The actress was quoted as saying, “I was highly addicted. I thought, ‘I don’t smoke like normal people. I smoke to die.'”

Ashton Kutcher

Heartthrob Ashton Kutcher is another high profile celeb who was successful in leaving his smoking days behind, and has been smoke-free since 2010.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a recovering smoker, however, she openly admits that she still struggles with her love of cigarettes. We can’t help thinking that she would find life much easier if she tried using an e-cigarette.

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the world’s biggest actors is a keen user of the e-cigarette. DiCaprio was successful in ending his relationship with tobacco cigarettes, and unlike some celebs who try going cold turkey, Leonardo took the stress away from the process by acquiring an e-cigarette.

Kate Moss

One of the world’s most well-known models used to always be seen with a cigarette in her mouth, but after years of smoking she has kicked the habit, exchanging the tobacco for the safer vaping alternative.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg, rather oddly, asked her Twitter supporters for help when she quit smoking. We hope that someone told her to get her hands on an e-cig!

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