Popularity of Vaping Soars

With sales of nicotine replacements such as patches and gum falling for the first time in years, and sales of e-cigarettes increasing dramatically, it appears that more and more people are turning to e-cigarettes in order to kick the habit of smoking, especially with the rising prominence of being able to buy e-cigarettes online.

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So many smokers are taking up vaping in fact that domestic sales in the UK have increased by 75% to £459m, while globally, sales of devices have shot up by 59% to £3.9bn – breaking the $6bn barrier for the first time, with sales in the US doubling over the course of a year, according to data from Euromonitor International.

Many experts are now predicting that the days of traditional tobacco cigarettes are outnumbered, as the tobacco industry continues to combat all manner of problems including smoking bans, rising taxes and the increased awareness of the dangers of smoking. The figure in the UK has already dropped from 27% of adults in 1999 to 19% of adults in 2014, and is set to be a downward trend.

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