E-Cig Vapour Less Toxic Than Cigarette Smoke

A study carried out at various specialist institutions across Germany has compared e-cigarettes to regular cigarettes, and has found that e-cigarette vapour is less toxic to lung cells than cigarette smoke.

Woman smoking more toxic than e-liquids UK by OK E-Cigs

The study carried out tests on two different e-liquids; one containing no nicotine and one containing a nicotine content of 2.4%. Lung cells were then collected before being exposed to 200 puffs of an e-cigarette and 60 puffs of a regular cigarette.

The results showed that cigarette smoke had five times more oxidative stress on the lung cells, as well as 4.5-8 times less cell viability, with the results in favour of e-cigarettes even before the values were adjusted in line with the number of puffs. Nicotine content in the e-liquids also made little difference to the overall result for e-cigarette vapour.

In conclusion, the results show that e-cigarette vapour is considerably less toxic than cigarette smoke, and that e-cigarettes are therefore safer for your lungs than cigarettes.

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Image: Naim Naim, available under Creative Commons

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