E-cigarettes Used to Measure UK Inflation

E-cigarettes, among other items, have now been added to the list of goods used to help measure the rate of inflation in the UK, due to the fact that many smokers are using them, according to the Office for National Statistics, who measure the inflation rates.

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They are among the 703 items and services measured by the Office, reflecting buying patterns of the British public, with the prices of the items tracked each month from several high street and online stores. The addition of e-cigarettes shows that more and more people now buy electronic cigarette products, and also reflects their increasing relevance in British society.

Other new items added this year due to an increase in popularity and sales include craft beers, protein powders and music streaming service. Eight items were also removed from the list due to a lack of popularity or a more popular substitute taking its place, such as frozen pizzas, as more people are now buying chilled pizzas instead, and satnavs, which are now being replaced by mobile phones and built-in satnav systems that come as standard with many new cars.

E-cigarettes are set to remain in the index for years to come, as they continue to increase in popularity as a substitute both the tobacco cigarettes and to nicotine cessation products.

Image: TBEC, available under Creative Commons

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