Dennis Quaid Pictured With E-Cigarette

In a recent set of photographs published by the Daily Mail, Hollywood film star Dennis Quaid has been pictured sporting an e-cigarette while out and about on the streets of Los Angeles.

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Pictured in Lycra cycling gear, the 60 year old actor, who has appeared in films such as The Day After Tomorrow and Footloose, looked fantastic for his age, with his abstinence from smoking regular cigarettes since 2008 possibly playing a role in this. After a long period of smoking, he decided to give up the bad habit 7 years ago for the sake of his children, with the image showing that he hasn’t looked back since, having made a successful transition to e-cigarettes.

He currently has three children, 22 year old son Jack Henry, from his previous marriage to actress Meg Ryan, and 7 year old twins Zoe Grave and Thomas Boone from his current marriage to wife Kimberly. Following the switch to e-cigarettes, it seems like his children will have also grown up in a happier and healthier environment.

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Image: AKM-GSI

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