Five Smoking Hot Trends In E Cigarette Culture

E Cigarette Culture

The E-cig debate continues to roll on this week. Celebrity doctor Christian Jensen (from Embarrassing Bodies) congratulated Nottingham University Hospitals Trust for lifting their ‘ridiculous’ ban on eCigs. On Twitter there’s lots of anger flying around; people want E-cigs to be an easy alternative to smoking and that’s the way it should be.

However, we wanted a break from the E-cig debate this week. So sit back, relax as we run through the trends of the new E-cig generation…

The classic image of Audrey Hepburn smoking that incredibly long cigarette has now been replaced by the electronic generation, I think it’s fair to say. So E-cigs have made it big in this decade but what is E-cig culture? Like any culture it takes a while to properly form an identity. So we’re taking a look across the web, to see how times are changing…


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1. Vape Tricks

Vape Tricks - E Cigarette Culture









Image Credit: Vape Capitol

Inspired by Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings perhaps, there are now groups of vapers who practice vaping tricks. Some of the finest moves can be seen here. Tricks include the basics such as blowing an ’O’ shape to more complex and eye-catching moves such as the dragon – where you exhale vape from your nostrils (not recommended).

If you think you’ve got vaping talent, then there are now well established competitions, such as the Vape Summit.

2. Vape Bars

It’s no surprise but vape bars are on the rise, like, well, vapour! The first one appeared in the UK in London back in 2014 and now there’s a handful littered across the city. It’s a great chance to experience vaping for the first time but if you’d rather save the trip, we have a few handy starter packs to try.

3. Wacky Flavours

Yes OK, we know there are some strange flavours but this is a never ending trend in vape culture. People are pushing the boundaries (and people’s taste buds) to create weird and wonderful concoctions.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 the wackiest concoctions out there:

  • Chocolate beefcake

  • Unicorn blood (apparently it tastes sweet & fruity???)

  • Snake Oil (with a hint of pear & coconut)

  • Thug Juice (Berries and melon with a hint of menthol)

  • Nacho Cheese

If none of these appeal, why not try some more natural tasting vapes?

4. Mods

Like any hobbies people are eager to put their mark on their goods. From the Airfix kits to football boots, people want their own style and colour.

Some have even built custom E Cigarettes that look more like Harry Potter wands than vapes. Check out some of the best mods out there here.

5. Vape Photography

The love of vape has spread its wings into the social space but none more so than on Instagram and Pinterest where vaping is being captured as an art form. There’s also professional photographers capturing some stunning shots:

Vape Photography












So what’s next for E-cig culture? Crazier flavours? We hope to see more bars and more acceptance of E-cigs and vaping more generally. Get your taste of E-cig culture right here, with 10% off your first order or view our range of products in our online shop.

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