MPs Win Battle to Vape in Parliament

Members of Parliament have finally won a long-fought battle to smoke e-cigarettes in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster – a piece of news which has been warmly welcomed by both the e-cigarette industry and by e-cigarette activists.

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Throughout the UK, the smoking of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, has been banned in many offices and public spaces, just the same as traditional cigarettes have. Much lobbying has taken place by both MPs and researchers, who claim that the vapour emitted from e-cigarettes is far less harmful than the second hand smoke released by traditional cigarettes.

The wishes of the MPs have now been granted, and there are now three indoor areas at the Houses of Parliament in which they can use e-cigarettes – Portcullis House, the MPs’ own offices, and Stranger’s pub. Previously they have had to use them outdoors in the cold, which was a far less comfortable and a far more inconvenient solution.

This is positive news for the future of e-cigarettes as well as their users, and gives hope to more public places allowing vaping to take place indoors. For the best e-cigs (UK), head to our website and check out our range of both disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes, as well as refills and e-liquids.

Image credit: Britain Magazine

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