Use of E-Cigarettes is On the Rise

Electronic cigarette usage has tripled over the two years from 2012 to 2014, according to figures from health charity Ash.

Numbers of smokers regularly using the devices have risen from around 700,000 in 2012 to around 2.1 million adults in 2014.

Only 1% of this amount however had never smoked before taking up electronic cigarettes, with two thirds saying that they also smoked regular cigarettes, and the remained third being ex-smokers who have made the complete switch from regular to electronic cigarettes.

The proportions reflect a huge rise in the number of current or former smokers regularly using electronic cigarettes, reaching 17.7% this year, up significantly from the 2.7% figure in 2010.

Those surveyed providing several different reasons for using electronic cigarettes, such as to reduce tobacco intake, to save money and to give up smoking completely.

The survey also reported that the most popular kind of e-cigarette is the rechargeable electronic cigarette, in contrast with disposable e-cigarettes, which are used by just 8% of smokers.

The use of electronic cigarettes is only positive for the health of smokers across the nation, and with more people making the switch, this can only be good news for working towards a tobacco-free nation.

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