Vapenation – Which Vape Personality Are You?

From the loud and proud to the subtle and sophisticated there are many different types of people that have taken to vaping. With this massive uptake of new users, there are new groups of vapers emerging. Which one are you a part of?

The Fashionista

A fashionable man with beard uses his vape pen outdoors

On trend – the fashionable vaper.

The fashionistas are the trendy vapers, notable by their stylish ‘vaping jacket’ previously known as the smoking jacket. They are always dressed properly for any occasion with smart watches, designer sunglasses and polished shoes. And of course, they only use the finest e liquids.


Elegant woman vaping, wearing a suit and hat

Girls are taking to Instagram to share their love of vaping.

Female vapers unite! There’s a whole army of you who are sharing your love of vaping on Instagram. These trend-setting vapers are using Instagram to stamp their mark on modern culture. Believe it or not, there are almost 200,000 posts for this hashtag alone.

The Tattooed

tattood man blowing smoke out of mouth isolated on black background.

A winning combination – vape & tattoos.

Vaping and tattoos go well together, like fish n’ chips. Trendy tattoo owners are happy to express their love of vaping. It’s now such a popular trend that Reddit has its own dedicated forum for vaping tattoos. Follow us on Twitter for updates on our upcoming tattoo inspired range.

The Socialite

Group of vapers outside on a night out.

The Vaping Night Owls

Many vapers have turned to  e cigarettes on a night out. Nightclubbers are adding to their look with the latest array of cigalikes. It’s great to see such a shift and acceptance of e cigs in Britain’s nightlife. If you’re up for the challenge of switching to e cigarettes on a night out, why not support our Social Switch campaign in October. We’re donating £1 of each order to Cancer Research, plus giving you the tools to switch for good. Follow the latest developments on Twitter.

If want to see what all the fuss is about why not take a look at our e cig starter kits.


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