Smokers Disadvantaged in Adoption Cases

New guidelines released by one of the leading authorities on adoption, the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), have recommended that users of e-cigarettes, also known as vapers, be treated differently than regular smokers when going through the adoption application process.

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Adoption agencies have remained sceptical of e-cigarettes during their swift climb to popularity, though many experts have now said that vaping poses little or no threat to children in the home, and they are certainly not as harmful as regular cigarettes.

Staffordshire County Council have followed by the BAAF’s example, with their guidelines stating that prospective parents can adopt after 12 months of vaping, if they are completely free of smoking tobacco. It’s believed that other councils and agencies will follow suit, allowing some flexibility to those who have taken steps to intentionally reduce their nicotine habits.

The BAAF have stated that they will continue to monitor research, with guidelines adjusted accordingly in line with any developments or breakthroughs in research. The suggested guidelines also act purely as a general guide, with cases assessed on an individual basis.

What do you think of this news? Should vapers be treated differently to smokers in the case of adoption? If you’re looking to adopt, but currently smoke, switching to vaping may be the simplest change you can make to increase your chances of adopting a child.

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Image: TBEC Review, available under Creative Commons

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