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Christmas Vape Gift Ideas < Go Back

Looking to give a vape kit, e cig or e liquids as a Christmas gift for someone special this year? You've come to the right place! From SMOK and Aspire sub ohm kits to the hugely popular OK Cigalike E Cig Starter Kit, there's something for every vaper in our Christmas vape kit bundle deals. We’ve also got a variety of high quality, great-tasting e liquids in 70%PG (Classic Range) and 80VG (Sub Ohm range). Perfect for vapers… Continue reading
Quit Smoking with Stoptober 2018 - Stoptober Vape Deals

Stoptober 2018 < Go Back

WHAT IS STOPTOBER? Stoptober is a national campaign initiated by Public Health England to encourage smokers to ditch the habit. It’s inspired by figures that show those who stop smoking for 28 days or more are 5x more likely to quit for good. The campaign aims to help smokers by raising awareness of the benefits of quitting and the tools that are available to help them go smoke free. Whether you are looking to quit… Continue reading

Best Way To Quit Smoking – Cutting Down vs Cold Turkey < Go Back

It’s often chatted about a lot among smokers, non smokers, social smokers and even those who have quit themselves about what the best way to quit smoking is. ‘How do you quit smoking?’, ‘What’s the best way to stop smoking?’ Do you ever so slightly cut down your smoking intake gradually, and make it a long term project that you will eventually make yourself comfortable going smoke free? Or do you jump in at the…

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Quit with Friends

New Year’s Resolutions – How to stop smoking < Go Back

New Year, New You. It’s time to get those new year’s resolutions in. But this time, stick to them. So, what resolution is right for you? With ‘getting healthy’ as the most popular resolution based search term, it could be that. There are many different ways to achieve this, but perhaps the most common and effective is, yes, you guessed it – stop smoking! Google searches for ‘how to stop smoking’ increase considerably in January,…

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Scientist corrects claims made on her own anti-e-cig research < Go Back

The lead scientist who conducted an e-cigarette study that recently ignited controversy has now formally issued a correction in order to clarify that the research did not find e-cigarette vapour was as harmful as cigarette smoke. The scientist in question, Dr Jessica Wang-Rodriguez, was the lead researcher on the “Oral Oncology” study that cited two e-cigarette products “damaged cells in ways that could lead to cancer.”

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E cigarette UK user vaping rather than smoking

Estimated 400,000 smokers in a single country quit thanks to E cigarettes < Go Back

E cigarettes could well be the most important factor in thousands of people giving up smoking for good, according to a recent study published in the International Journal of Public Health. France’s 2014 Health Barometer used responses from a representative sample of the French population – just over 15,500 people – and sought to investigate the relationship between tobacco and e cigarette use.

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8 reasons to make the switch to OK Vape < Go Back

It could save you money Five OK Vape Cigalike Refills can offer up to the equivalent of 120 regular cigarettes – but cost just £6. In contrast, the cigarettes would set you back around £60, making you an incredible saving. This is just one example of how much money you can save by making the switch to vaping. You can choose your strength Our tobacco refills are available in a variety of strengths, allowing you to… Continue reading