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Barack Obama and eight other celebrities who have stopped smoking < Go Back

With the news that pop mogul Simon Cowell has drastically reduced the number of cigarettes he smokes for the sake of his new son Eric, we have compiled a number of high profile celebrities who took the plunge and managed to kick the habit altogether. Mr Cowell, if you are reading this, the team here at OK E-Cig have a wonderful range of e-cigarette (UK based) products that would help you stop your tobacco habit…

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5 more celebrity vapers < Go Back

Following our previous feature on some of the famous faces who have ventured into the world of vaping, we thought we would bring you five more who have made the healthy decision to switch to e-cigarettes and enjoy a better quality of life. If you’re interested in trying vaping for yourself, don’t forget to visit our online flavoured e-cigarette shop.

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5 celebrities who use e-cigarettes < Go Back

When it comes to lifestyle choices, many look up to celebrities for inspiration, which can sometimes have positive results. One example of this is the legion of celebrities who have made the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, making a positive switch to a healthier lifestyle and influencing may others to do so too.

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