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smoking E-Cig leaves a trail of E-Cig smoke.

Blown up in vape – we bust the latest E-Cig myths < Go Back

Headlines are there to shock, provoke and create a reaction. It’s hard therefore to see beyond the headlines and to establish what’s fact and what’s fiction. So we’re getting our eyeglasses out and sharing our thoughts on the most shocking E-Cig headline of recent times… “Vaping IS a gateway to smoking: Teenagers who use e-cigarettes ‘are six times more likely to smoke tobacco’ ” (Mail online) The Mail online has never been a publication to…

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A man vapes in a park with the European Union flag drapped down next to him. Will the e-cig ban on advertising affect his vote?

Will the E-cig Ad ban sway your EU vote? < Go Back

E-cigs have undoubtedly played a large role in helping smokers quit. We discussed in a recent blog the growing number of organisations, including the Royal College of Physicians, supporting the widespread use of E-cigs as an alternative to smoking. Public Health England also stated that ‘E-cigs were 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking’ (Campaign 2016). With all the new research supporting the use of E-cigs, new legislation should be there to protect the industry and…

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Five Smoking Hot Trends In E Cigarette Culture < Go Back

E Cigarette Culture The E-cig debate continues to roll on this week. Celebrity doctor Christian Jensen (from Embarrassing Bodies) congratulated Nottingham University Hospitals Trust for lifting their ‘ridiculous’ ban on eCigs. On Twitter there’s lots of anger flying around; people want E-cigs to be an easy alternative to smoking and that’s the way it should be. However, we wanted a break from the E-cig debate this week. So sit back, relax as we run through…

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A man blowing vape rings using an e cigarette

Research finds that young people do not see vaping as a form of smoking < Go Back

Durham University has today published details of new research that states that young people do not see e cigarettes as a form of smoking. A study led by Fiona Measham, a Professor of Criminology at the university, claims that young people experience different motivations for using e-cigarettes to those of adults. The study looked at trends in smoking-related attitudes and behaviours amongst 14 to 25 year olds and found that only 28% of participants used…

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E cigarette UK user vaping rather than smoking

Estimated 400,000 smokers in a single country quit thanks to E cigarettes < Go Back

E cigarettes could well be the most important factor in thousands of people giving up smoking for good, according to a recent study published in the International Journal of Public Health. France’s 2014 Health Barometer used responses from a representative sample of the French population – just over 15,500 people – and sought to investigate the relationship between tobacco and e cigarette use.

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