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A man blowing vape rings using an e cigarette

Research finds that young people do not see vaping as a form of smoking < Go Back

Durham University has today published details of new research that states that young people do not see e cigarettes as a form of smoking. A study led by Fiona Measham, a Professor of Criminology at the university, claims that young people experience different motivations for using e-cigarettes to those of adults. The study looked at trends in smoking-related attitudes and behaviours amongst 14 to 25 year olds and found that only 28% of participants used…

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man vaping outside

5 things you will know if you are a vaper < Go Back

Vaping is becoming a huge phenomenon, which has even spawned its own subculture of people coming together to share their mutual love of the pastime. We have taken a look at 5 things you will only understand if you are a vaper, how many of these are relatable to you?

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Barack Obama and eight other celebrities who have stopped smoking < Go Back

With the news that pop mogul Simon Cowell has drastically reduced the number of cigarettes he smokes for the sake of his new son Eric, we have compiled a number of high profile celebrities who took the plunge and managed to kick the habit altogether. Mr Cowell, if you are reading this, the team here at OK E-Cig have a wonderful range of e-cigarette (UK based) products that would help you stop your tobacco habit…

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Myth busting e-cigs: part two of our guide to clearing up e-cigarette misconceptions < Go Back

Welcome back to the second, and final instalment of our guide to dispelling the commons myth surrounding e-cigarettes and their accessories. We are all aware that, just like with anything new, there’s undoubtedly going to be various myths, theories, and general hearsay that gets circulated, from old misinformation, to more deceptive reasons. It’s important for you to have the right facts to hand as this is the best way to disassemble these collective myths, so…

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Myth busting e-cigs: a two-part guide to clearing up e-cigarette misconceptions < Go Back

It’s hard to avoid the negative press that sometimes surrounds the world of e-cigarettes, and while we’re aware that there are myths on just about everything out there, e-cigarettes do get the rough end of the stick, which is more often than not unfounded. This is where we are stepping in to dispel these myths and offer some clarity on the issue in the first of our two part guide to clearing up electronic cigarette…

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