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A new report, published by cardiologist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos in online journal Addiction, has revealed that e-cigarettes can only produce harmful levels of formaldehyde which exceed those of regular cigarettes under ‘extreme conditions’.

Flavoured e-cigarettes don’t contain high levels of formaldehyde according to study

It was discovered that it was only possible to create high levels of carcinogenic aldehydes if a vaper used third-generation e-cigarette (an e-cigarette with variable power settings) and repeatedly ‘dry-puffed’ on it – an unpleasant experience which most vapers avoid.

Dry-puffing is done by reducing power levels and puff duration or by increasing intervals between puffs, which is reported to have a bad taste, make you cough, and leave behind traces of e-liquid in your mouth.

Dr Farsalinos carried out the study under real-world conditions, finding that the production of aldehydes was not apparent in these cases, and was only found when vapers used the ‘dry-vaping’ technique. He also added that although very small amounts of aldehyde were created when vaping under normal conditions, these emissions are much, much lower than those from regular cigarette smoke.

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Image: TBEC Review, available under Creative Commons