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OK Loyalty Rewards

Collect Points & Exchange For Discounts!

To say thank you for being a valued OK Vape customer, we run an excellent loyalty rewards scheme for anyone who holds an account with us. Collect 1 point per pound spent on any full-price order* and when your balance reaches 100 points, you can exchange them for a discount code for 10% OFF!

Register an account and start collecting points today.


  • Only one discount code may be applied per order.
  • *Points will not be accrued for orders placed when a loyalty discount has been applied.

How to Generate & Apply a Discount Code

To use your loyalty points on an order, simply add the items you need to your cart then proceed to checkout, making sure you log into your account when prompted. If you’re already logged in, you’ll be directed straight to the checkout page when you click the checkout button.

Underneath the progress buttons showing where you are in the checkout process, you’ll see a box titled ‘Your Loyalty Points’. Click the blue button with the arrow to expand the box.

Loyalty Rewards guide - image 1

When the box is expanded, you should see content similar to that shown in the below screenshot. You should see your loyalty points balance and any codes that you may have already generated but not yet used (under the heading ‘Your Existing Valid Reward Codes’).

If you don’t yet have 100 points and have no previously unused codes, you will only see your points balance in this section. Keep collecting and you’ll soon get your discount!

If you have 100 points or more, you’ll see the message ‘Congratulations! You have enough points to claim a 10% discount’ as seen below.

Loyalty Points guide - image 2

Click the ‘Generate My Discount Code’ button. The page will refresh and if you scroll back down to the loyalty points box, you will see your new discount code under ‘Your Existing Valid Reward Codes’. Simply click ‘Apply Now’ and it will automatically apply the discount to your order. You can check that the code has applied in the ‘Review Your Order’ box on the right hand side.

Please ensure that your discount has applied before making payment and completing the checkout as we are unable to apply codes retrospectively.

If you’re having any problems using a discount code or need any further help with the loyalty system, please do not hesitate to contact us

View Your OK Loyalty Points Balance

You can view your loyalty points balance at any time from the my account page. Simply click ‘My account’ (or login/signup if you’re not already logged in) on the black menu at the very top right of the website, or click on the Account icon to go to your account.

Once there, click the ‘OK Loyalty Rewards’ tab on the left hand side. Here you will see your points balance and also any existing codes that you have generated but are yet to use.

You can copy codes from here and paste them in the discount code box seen on both the cart and checkout pages, but it’s much easier to follow the steps above and apply codes directly from the checkout page so we recommend doing that.

Please note that OK Vape Loyalty Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for money. All points must be spent on our website and only one code can be redeemed per order. Loyalty points will not be accrued for orders where a loyalty discount code has been applied.