Ban of E-Cigarettes in Public Places in Wales

A number of health organisations have spoken out in opposition of the ban of e-cigarettes in public places in Wales, following the release of a recent report which said that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than tobacco. These organisations include Cancer Research UK and Action Against Smoking and Health (ASH).

Opposition to Welsh Assembly banning e-cigarettes in public places in Wales

Welsh Conservative AM Darren Millar called the ban “a huge step backwards”, while Liberal Democrat Kirsty Williams said that the report “contradicts all of Labour’s rhetoric”.

The Welsh government decided to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public out of a fear that they may “re-normalise” smoking, and the ban has so far divided opinion both among the public and among health organisations. Many of those who oppose the ban believe that there is no real evidence that e-cigarettes have the potential to re-normalise smoking.

While the Welsh government have welcomed the report, it continues to defend its plans to restrict the use of e-cigarettes in the same way they have restricted the use of traditional cigarettes. Other organisations who are in support of the Welsh government include the British Medical Association and the Public Health Wales.

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