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OK Ego Vape Pen Starter Kit , ,

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  • 1x Ego Vape Pen Battery (650 or 1000mAh)
  • 1x Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer with pre-installed coil
  • 1x USB charger


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OK Ego Vape Pen Starter Kit

The ego vape pen starter kit is the perfect device if you’re looking for a simple to use pen style e cig and is a great vape kit for beginners. You’ll receive a rechargeable battery, USB charger and an Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer. Choose from either a 650mAh battery which should give you around 4-6 hours of usage, depending on your vaping style. If you want a battery that lasts longer between charges, the 1000mAh battery option should give approximately 8-10 hours usage.

The only other thing you’ll need is to pick some juices from our range of delicious UK e-liquid flavours.

The Aspire CE5-S clearomizer that comes with this kit features replaceable coils which can last up to 10 days or more* and are just £12 for a pack of 5 coils. This starter kit comes with one coil to get you started (pre-installed). Constructed with a glass tank protected by a stainless steel jacket with viewing window and a soft, black rubberised finish, the tank looks great with our vape batteries.


Whether you are completely new to vaping or want to move on from the cigalike style e cigarette the OK vape pen should be the perfect kit for you.


We recommend that you use our NicSalt E-Liquid range, Classic E Liquid range or e liquids with a PG ratio of at least 50% with ego kits.

The OK NicSalt range is an excellent choice if you are new to vaping. They contain 18mg of nicotine and give a faster, smoother nicotine hit than classic e-liquids. Click here to find out more about nicotine salts or shop the range now.


Please read the included instructions fully and follow battery safety advice. Never attempt to charge batteries with chargers from another brand or intended for other e cigarette products. Do not use mains adapters with a power output of more than 1 amp to charge e cigarette or vape batteries.

You can purchase one of our 1 amp USB mains adapters for just £8 from the Batteries & Chargers category.


Kit contents:

  • 650mAh or 1000mAh Ego Vape Pen Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer tank
  • 1x Coil for CE5-S (pre-installed)


  • 5-click battery lock to prevent accidental activation
  • Tank with replaceable coils
  • Simple to use
  • Budget-friendly vape kit

If you haven’t used one of these kits before, please view the following guides:

How to use the CE5-S Clearomizer
How to use the Ego Vape Pen starter kit
OK Classic E Liquids (70PG/30VG)

Please also refer to our guide to looking after e cigarette batteries and our E Cig Battery Safety guide.

If you are new to e cigarettes and would like more information before you buy one of our starter kits, please check out our E Cig Information Hub. Please also feel free to contact one of our friendly members of staff if you have any questions.


1000mAh, 650mAh