Royal Navy permits sailors to smoke onboard nuclear submarines < Go Back

In a radical move, which is bucking the current trend of many indoor establishments in the UK, the Royal Navy are planning to allow sailors to use e-cigarettes on board their nuclear submarines.

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids UK may be used on board Royal Navy submarines

The news comes following the online publication of a dossier of alleged safety failings of the four-sub Trident fleet by weapons engineer William McNeilly, which featured, among reports of inadequate tests for onboard equipment and alarm systems being muted, the allegation of e-cigarettes being used on board.

E-cigarettes then began to be analysed by the Institute of Naval Medicine in order to find out if they were safe to use on board, with many medical officers believing that there is no risk in using them, and that they would even help onboard crew to give up real cigarettes.

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