One in 20 Scottish Adults Use E-Cigarettes

The Scottish Health Survey, carried out by the Scottish Government Health Directorates, has found that one in twenty Scottish adults now use electronic cigarettes, while 15% of the population has also admitted to trying one.

One in twenty adults in Scotland now use electronic cigarettes

Health Habits of Over 4,700 Scottish Adults Were Studied in the Survey

It found that current usage of e-cigarettes was the highest in those aged between 35 and 64.

The usage of e-cigarettes is particularly high in both current and ex-smokers, with half of all current smokers having used one previously and some 14% of ex-regular smokers having also used an e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes were also found to be closing in on nicotine patches as the most popular method to quit smoking, with 32% of people using them in comparison to nicotine patches’ 36%.

ScotCen Social Research’s research director, Diarmid Campbell-Jack, commented on the findings, saying: “These findings confirm that e-cigarettes are being used by a small, but not insignificant, proportion of people in Scotland, with one in every 20 saying that they currently use electronic cigarettes”.

These results demonstrate the growing popularity of e-cigarettes in Scotland, not only as an alternative to smoking, but also as a way of giving up the bad habit completely.

Image: Ecig Click, available under Creative Commons

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