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Never run out of your favourite Coils, OK Cigalike Refills or OK 50/50 E-Liquids with our hassle-free subscriptions.

Simply choose your products, then choose how often you would like to receive them and we'll post your order to you at your chosen schedule, without you having to lift a finger.

How Do OK Vape Subscriptions Work?

It's really easy to set up an OK Vape Subscription. Not only will it save you having to re-order your refills, e-liquids or coils manually, you can also rest assured that you'll never run out.

Follow the three simple steps below to get started:

  • choose-product
    Choose your Refills, E-Liquids or Coils

Choose Your Products

Subscriptions are available on OK Cigalike Refill Multipacks, OK 50/50 E-Liquids, & packs of coils

  • calendar
    Choose how often you'd like to receive them

Choose Your Schedule

Choose how often you would like to receive your products, then place your order

  • delivery
    We'll deliver your vape supplies direct to your door each month

Receive Your Vape Supplies

Your favourite vape products will then arrive at your door each week/month, as per your chosen schedule

Automatically Earn Loyalty Points & Redeem Discounts

When you order a subscription via your account, you'll automatically start earning loyalty rewards for every renewal. Once you reach 100 points, we'll apply a 10% discount code to your next renewal!

Add Extras to Your Subscription

Easily add extra packs of refills, spare batteries, extra e-liquids or coils to your subscription. Simply find the product you'd like to add and select the 'Add to Existing Subscription' tick box. You can remove extras from your subscription at any time from the My Subscriptions tab in your account.

Renew Early or Pause Your Subscription

If you find you need your delivery earlier than your next renewal date, simply head to the My Subscription tab in your account and click 'Renew Now'.

Not quite ready for your next order yet? Click the 'Suspend' button to pause your subscription then reactivate it whenever you're ready.

Get Started Now

OK Cigalike Refill Subscriptions

We offer OK Cigalike Refill subscriptions across our full range of multipack deals. These multipacks offer fantastic value including prices from as little as £4.50 per pack, plus free batteries. To get started with a Refill Subscription, choose your multipack below, then choose which refills you'd like and how often you wish to receive them.

OK 50/50 E Liquid Subscriptions

Never run out of your favourite vape juices with OK 50/50 E liquid Subscriptions. We offer this subscription on a 12 bottle pack, which you can choose to have delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. This e-liquid subscription box offers fantastic value at just £2.00 per bottle, with free delivery included. Choose all 12 bottles in your favourite flavour, or mix and match across our full range.

Click through to our E-Liquid Subscription box below to get started.

Vape Coil Subscriptions

You can set up weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly deliveries of any of the coils that we supply here at OK Vape. To get started, simply find your coils in our online shop, then choose any necessary options and how often you would like to receive them. You'll get free delivery and you'll automatically earn loyalty points and discounts throughout your subscription.

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