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Tatts Vape

Like a cutting-edge DJ, Tatts brings together old school and contemporary flavours to create modish blends for the independent vaper. Fruity, citrus tangs marry sweet and creamy notes for the ultimate vaping mix.

Tatts Vape - Orient Short Fill E-Liquid Bottle

Orient - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

An edgy, refreshing blend of lemongrass, lime, strawberry and vanilla lemonade

75 VG

Tatts Vape - Tribe Short Fill E-Liquid Bottle

Tribe - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Spread the love with this creamy, nutty blend of marshmallow and peanut butter

75 VG

Tatts Vaoe - Traditional Short Fill Bottle

Traditional - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

Go retro with a wistful blend of watermelon, mint and bubblegum

75 VG

Tatts Vape - Spirit Short Fill E-Liquid Bottle

Spirit - 3mg Nicotine in final 60ml mix

A blissful blend of sweet vanilla, banana cream and crumble & biscuit


What are short fill e liquids?

Short fill eliquids are a great way to stock up on your favourite flavour. Supplied as 50ml of nicotine free e liquid in a 60ml bottle, you can then add your own nicotine to get the perfect blend.

Guide to achieving different nicotine strengths

You can always keep short fill e liquids nicotine free but if you want to add nicotine then simply add a Nicotine Shot for 3mg overall strength. Check out our nicotine shot calculator if you want to achieve higher or lower strengths.

Prepare Shortfill & Nicotine Shot
Add the nicotine shot to the short fill
Shake the bottle to mix the liquids
3mg nicotine e-liquid ready to vape