Long-Term Attention Issues found with Teenage Smokers

Smoking Among Teenagers Could Cause Long-Term Attention Issues

An interesting study, conducted with identical twins, has shown that smoking during adolescent years is an affecting factor when addressing attention problems, with these issues staying with smokers into adulthood.

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The researchers, who published their findings in Biological Psychiatry used the “powerful” discordant monozygotic (otherwise known as identical twins who are genetically different) co-twin design to assess whether smoking leads to attention problems.

The experts behind the testing had sets of longitudinal data focused on smoking and attention problems for as many as 1987 adult monozygotic twin pairs, as well as a further 648 adolescent examples, sourced from the Netherlands Twin Register.

The study cited that adult twins who had taken up smoking for a period in their lives had significantly more attention problems in comparison to their co-twins who has never taken up the habit.

The results of these findings – that individuals who chose to smoke had more attention problems than their non-smoking twins – points to a causal effect of smoking, researchers state. Additionally, it provides further evidence for the “hypothesis that smoking affects the brain and increases attention problems, as suggested in animal studies,” the authors say.

Image: Mahyar Kakaee under Creative Commons.

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