OK Vape 2-Port Car USB Charger

  • 1 amp port is ideal for powering your vape and e cig battery chargers
  • Fits most standard car cigarette outlets
  • Two x USB ports to charge other devices such as phones and tablets

E-Cig & vape batteries should only be charged through the 1 amp port

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OK Vape 2-Port Car USB Charger

Our 2-port car USB charger is perfect for those always on the move. Find yourself running out of battery life when you’re out and about? Charge your e-cigarette batteries from any standard car cigarette-lighter outlet. Just plug this charging adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter then connect your e-cig or vape battery’s USB charging cable in to the 1 amp USB port to charge on the go.

You can then also use the second port to charge other devices that require at least 2.1 amps, such as mobile phones and tablets.

E-Cig & vape batteries should only be charged through the 1 amp port

*The ports on this adapter can be used with any USB powered device, however please check the recommended power output and use the appropriate port as marked on the adapter.


  • Fits standard car cigarette lighters
  • 2 Ports – one 1 amp and one 2.1 amp output
  • Charges any USB powered device*

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