Vaporesso Orca Solo cCell Coils


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Pack of 5 x Replacement OC cCell/Orco Solo coils, exclusively for use with the Vaporesso Orca Solo Kit. 1.3 ohm resistance.

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Vaporesso Orca Solo Coils

Pack of 5 x replacement Vaporesso Orca Solo coils, compatible with the Vaporesso Orco Solo vape pen.


These coils use patented cCell ceramic materials for pure flavour and increased longevity. This technology helps to control the heat generated within the coil to provide fast, even heating. This reduces the opportunity for 'dry hits' and helps to produce pure, rich flavour from your vape juice.

These coils are optimised to vaporise liquids with higher viscosity; making them a perfect match with our 50/50 range of E-liquids.

When to replace your Orca Solo coil

Ceramic coils are known for lasting longer than coils with cotton wicks meaning you won't need to change your Orca Solo coils too frequently.

You will know when it's time to replace yours when you notice a deterioration in the flavour. Coils tend to last between 1 and 2 weeks, however, this does depend on the vape juice you are using and how frequently you use your device.

How to change a Vaporesso Orca Solo coil

To change the coil, first make sure that your tank is empty. You can then unscrew the metal sleeve that sits over the tank glass. Pull the glass tank section to remove it from the battery section. This will give you access to the coil. Unscrew the coil from the top of the battery, then replace with a new one. You can then replace the glass and screw the metal sleeve back onto your device.

Whenever you replace the coil in your tank, you will need to 'prime' it. This simply involves filling the tank with e liquid, then leaving it to soak into the coil for at least 5 minutes before vaping. If you vape too soon after filling the tank on a new coil, you may experience an unpleasant, burnt taste. You can find out more about how to prime a coil here.


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