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The EU TPD E Cigarette Regulations

On the 20th May 2017, the UK enforced the new EU TPD Regulations on e cigs.

If you've heard about them but aren't sure what they involve or how they might affect you, check out our infographic below with all the most common questions surrounding the TPD e-cigarette regulations and how they might affect vapers across the European Union.

Text version available below.

Infographic highlighting the TPD Regulartions on E-Cigarettes and Vaping

How Might The New E Cigarette Regulations Affect You?

From 20th May 2017, the new EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations will come into force for all tobacco related products. Although e cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they have been included in the directive in order to ensure that vape products meet certain safety and quality measures.

There's a lot of confusion about how the regulations might directly affect vapers, so lets clear up some of the burning questions surrounding them...

Is Vaping Still Legal?

Absolutely. It's still legal to vape in the UK, provided you are over the age of 18.

What's the Highest Nicotine Content That'll be Available in E Liquids and Refills?

The regulations ban nicotine strengths over 20mg, so any e liquids or refills containing higher nicotine levels will no longer be available from vape shops or online stores.

Will I Still be Able to Buy the Same Products?

The new regulations require tanks and cartomizers to have a maximum capacity of 2ml, so you won't be able to purchase larger tanks. However, they won't have any affect on other e cigarette hardware.

Nicotine containing E-Liquid bottles are limited to a maximum of 10ml and must be plastic with a child resistant, tamper evident lid, and nicotine warnings on the label. Some ingredients such a caffeine have been banned but unlike some other EU countries, you'll still be able to buy e-liquids in flavours other than tobacco in the UK.

Every product now has to be registered with the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), so some products will no longer be available after the 20th May if they do not comply.

The EU TPD E Cigarette Regulations; A Quick Overview

  • All products containing nicotine must display warning labels
  • Maximum nicotine strength of 20mg for all refills and vape juices
  • E Liquid bottles must be plastic and have a maximum capacity of 10ml
  • E Liquid bottles must be child resistant and tamper evident
  • No promotion or advertisement of products online or in print
  • Tanks and clearomizers must not exceed a capacity of 2ml

Will The Regulations Have Any Effect on OK Vape Products?

You won't notice any difference to our product range as we've been busy over the last 12 months ensuring that our products and packaging all meet with the regulations. Back in August 2017, we also reduced the strength of our Extra High refills to 20mg in line with the nicotine content limits set by the TPD.

Although some vapers have expressed that the new e cig laws are restrictive, they will ensure the quality and safety of vape products on the UK market.


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