OK Cigalike Refills

Get an authentic and satisfying vape with the OK Cigalike range of refills and cartomizers. With fresh menthol and traditional tobacco flavours, plus a range of nicotine strengths to choose from.... Read more

These pre-filled refill cartridges are designed for use with the OK Cigalike rechargeable electronic cigarette. Providing the equivalent of approximately 25 cigarettes per refill, each pack of 5 refills offers fantastic value with prices from as little as £5.30. Buy individual packs for just £7.00 each or stock up with our great value multibuy deals, starting from £33.50 (£6.70 each) for 5 packets of cartomizers.

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Cigalike Multibuy prices; shop OK Cigalike Refills from just £5.30 per pack

OK Cigalike E-Cigarette Refills

Cigalike e-cigarette cartomizers from OK Vape can be found in ASDA & Morrisons stores, as well as purchased online direct from us. If you're not able to get to a store or prefer to shop online, you'll find our best prices, online exclusive products and free delivery on orders over £20 here on the OK Vape official website.

OK Cigalike e-cig refills are suitable for use with OK Cigalike Starter Kits and batteries. We offer our cartomizers and refills in an authentic Tobacco flavour, or refreshing menthol flavour.

Refills are supplied in packs of 5 and can be purchased in a wide range of nicotine strengths. These range from our highest strength; 20mg, to completely nicotine free.

OK Cigalike Cartomizers Flavours & Strengths

Tobacco Flavour

Available in the following nicotine strengths:
20mg | 18mg | 12mg | 6mg | Nicotine free

Menthol Flavour

Available in the following nicotine strengths:
20mg | 18mg | 12mg | 6mg | Nicotine free

Refill Multibuy Deals: Refill Packs From Just £5.30

OK Cigalike cartomisers are some of the best value on the market at just £7 per pack of 5 refills. However, you can get even better value with our Refill Multibuy deals, offering prices from as little as £5.30 each per pack.

To buy a multibuy deal, simply choose your refills, select the multibuy option, then pick a multibuy pack size. You can then choose whether you would like to add an optional spare K1 or K2 battery.

OK Cigalike Refill FAQ's

OK Cigalike covers the OK Vape range of best-selling cigalike e-cigarette products. Our rechargeable e-cig, as seen in ASDA, offers an authentic vape that looks and feels like a real cigarette. Cigalike style e-cigarettes are popular due to their ease of use and satisfying, cigarette-like vaping experience. They consist of a rechargeable battery and a disposable 'refill' (or cartomiser).

These cartomisers can be purchased in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. Each refill is equivalent to approximately 25 cigarettes, so a pack of 5 at just £7.00 offers fantastic value.

Please see our recommendations below for which nicotine strengths tend to be suitable for different users. You may find that you need to experiment with different strengths until you find your ideal nicotine content.

Extra High Strength - 20mg Refills
Recommended for heavier smokers

High Strength - 18mg Refills
Recommended for smokers of 10+ cigarettes per day.

Medium Strength - 12mg Refills
Recommended for smokers of between 5-10 cigarettes per day.

Low Strength - 6mg Refills
Recommended for light smokers or more experienced vapers wanting to reduce their nicotine intake.

Nicotine Free Refills
Recommended for experienced vapers wanting to cut out nicotine altogether, or those who wish to replicate the action of smoking without the use of nicotine.

Cigalike refills contain e-liquid, of which the main ingredients are flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These are otherwise known as PG & VG. Propylene Glycol is an organic compound derived from vegetable oils. Vegetable glycerine is similar to PG, but can be synthetic or derived from plants or animals.

The OK Cigalike range of electronic cigarette refills by OK Vape are available to buy in ASDA and Morrisons stores throughout the UK. Use our store locator to find your nearest OK Vape stockist.

You'll find the best prices on OK Cigalike refills, plus fast, free delivery on orders over £20 and online exclusive products when you shop online direct with OK Vape.

Yes. Our batteries, refills, kits and chargers are all compatible with Ten Motives, including the following devices:

  • Ten Motives Starter Kits
  • Ten Motives Refills
  • Ten Motives Spare Batteries
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