Cigalike E Cig Refill Multipacks

Get free spare batteries and prices from as little as £4.50 per pack with our fantastic value refill multipack deals.

Our Multipacks Are Changing

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New Refill Multibuy Deals Coming Soon!

From the 24th January 2022, our brand new multibuy deals will be available across the full range of OK Cigalike E-Cig Refills. From this date, our current multipacks will no longer be available, but our new deals offer fantastic value with more options and flexibility for our customers.

Head to this blog post to find out more about our new deals.

OK Cigalike Refills From Just £4.50 with Refill Multipacks

OK Cigalike Refill Multipacks allow you to buy from 4 to 50 packs of your favourite e-cig refills from as little as £4.50, with spare batteries included.

Our smallest multipack costs just £24.00 and includes 4 packs of 5 refills and a spare K1 battery worth £3. Our largest multipack is a great option if you prefer to buy in bulk. This includes 50 packs of refills at £4.50 each with two spare K1 or K2 batteries.

Find out more about what’s included in our refill multipacks below:

4 x Multipack: 20 individual refills plus a K1 battery worth £3
6 x Multipack: 30 individual refills plus a K2 battery worth £5
13 x Multipack: 65 individual refills at £5.54 per pack of 5
30 x Multipack: 150 individual refills – £5.00 per pack of 5 plus a K1 or K2 battery
50 x Multipack: 250 individual refills – £4.50 per pack of 5 plus two K1 or K2 batteries

What are OK Vape Cigalike E Cig Refills?

OK Cigalike refills are compatible with the OK Cigalike E-Cigarette – as seen in ASDA. Our electronic cigarette refills attach to the OK Cigalike battery and last the equivalent of approximately 25 cigarettes. When the refill runs out, simply dispose of it and replace with a new refill.

Our refills are available in Tobacco or Menthol flavours, in a wide range of nicotine strengths. If you’d like to take advantage of the great value offered in our refill multipacks, simply choose which multipack you would like, then choose your desired refill flavour and strength.

OK Cigalike Refill Subscriptions

Get your favourite OK Cigalike refills delivered weekly or monthly.

We’re pleased to offer subscriptions on all our Cigalike Refill multipacks! Simply choose which multipack you’d like to receive, then select ‘Subscribe’ from the purchasing options. You can then choose how frequently you would like to receive your multipack.

Once you’ve placed your subscription order, we’ll automatically process your order and deliver your refills to you at the frequency you’ve chosen.

You can change, cancel or pause your subscription at any time. You can also add extras such as spare batteries and extra packs of refills once your subscription is up and running.

Find Out More About Refill Subscriptions

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